Supporting Breast Cancer Charities across Canada

Shop4Charity raised over $1 MILLION for Breast Cancer Charities across Canada. Together we are making a difference!

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada

Research is the only path to the ultimate goal of a cure for cancer. The Breast Cancer Society of Canada focuses tirelessly on that exact goal.

The Society aims to bring findings in fundamental research into real-life medical practice by providing funding to high-calibre research teams. Their relentless efforts mean we can better understand the causes of breast cancer, how to reduce its risk, and how it can be better treated.

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Rethink Breast Cancer Young Women's Movement

The Young Women’s Movement from Rethink strives to empower young people through an education and understanding of cancer, and respond to the unique needs of young women with breast cancer.

The Movement brings bold, relevant awareness to those under 40 who are concerned by breast cancer, and who are affected by it. By instilling renewed energy and style into the cause, Rethink is fostering the next generation of passionate and influential breast cancer supporters.

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Breast Cancer Support & Information Helpline

Breast Cancer Support and Information Helplines connects those affected by breast cancer to invaluable phone and online support from a volunteer cancer survivor.

For those fighting breast cancer, having someone to speak with, confide in, and open up to has a huge positive impact on their day-to-day lives. This crucial service provides free and confidential support to countless individuals.